Welcome to the "NEW SLED PRINTER" Site

Welcome to the new site, we are excited to have a new format to work with ... it's been a long transition, longer than I expected, but here we are into the future.

"Excited" We are excited to now have the ability to finally list all our  decals / decal kits for sale. As some of you may know, we ran out of space for new products on our old site ( and it being outdated it was time to use a more modern site. We can't say enough how great Shopify has been at assisting us get started.

Simple Site We are feeling confident that our new site will make locating decals easier and checkout much faster, also much more efficient checkout and shipping on our end. (Which means we can get decals out faster) In laymen terms we are moving forward with being more productive and efficient.

Technology We have expanded into new technologies in the last few years, mainly to increase productivity and efficiency. Last year we installed a new UV High Precision Screen Printing Line, Also a 38" Clam Shell Die Cutter.


** November 16th, We are also visiting one of the largest Packaging and Graphics Shows in the US - Pack Expo, we will be looking at the latest in Packaging Equipment, Printing Material (film) Digital Printing equipment and more. I will follow up with anything we find interesting and potentially useful in our shop.

** We are now looking at possibly adding a new UV Digital Print Unit ... we will keep you updated.

Frank Sadlon